Clinical trials

Why participate in a clinical trial?

Why participate in a clinical trial?

● To help find new medical therapies for people mental illnesses

● To receive study related medical testing and medication (if eligible)

● To receive compensation for your travel and other study related expenses

● To join PTRG and be part of the search for tomorrow’s treatments today

Is a clinical trial is right for you?

● Discuss your interest with your doctor, family, friends and other supports.

● Call PTRG and speak with one a member of our team about participation in a trial. We can schedule a time for you to come into our clinic and speak with a PTRG doctor

● Participation in a clinical trial will require a time commitment from you. Call PTRG about the specific time commitments involved in the study you are considering.

● Schedule a pre-trial screening. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial with PTRG, call us for an appointment to discuss your participation further.